Infrared Thermometers & Pyrometers

Optris offers a different kind of infrared thermometers and pyrometers. The range of innovative products can be used in different industiral sectors and gives the custumer the best solution for their applications.



Thermal Cameras  the smallest measuring VGA infrared camera worldwide and Utra-compact SWIR camera for metallic  surface



– The small and „ Compact Series “ can easily be integrated for sensing processes with limited space availabiliy.



– The „ High Performance Series “ gives you the possibility to contral your temperature measurement devices or if you would simply like to determine the measuring spot more accurately by means of laser technology.



– The „ Portable Thermometer “ series suits for all everyday measurement tasks in preventive maintenance and anywhere else where non-contact temperature measurements are required from time to time.


Leading edge technology in the field of non-contact  temperature measurement gives a solutions for  measurement of the temperature of solar panels, glass, metals, paper, asphalt, textiles, food, plastic films, etc.

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